Tupinamba – History

The Tupinamba brand dates back to 1897 when drinking coffee was a treat reserved for special days out. Founded in Modernist Barcelona, the company remains true to its progressive spirit and approach, the now state of the art factory produces an excellent range of coffees with varied taste profiles that are loved by baristas and customers alike in more than 40 countries.

Tupinamba continues to lead the market with innovative new products, our home compostable coffee pods solve a huge global problem caused by the billions of capsules going to landfill every year. Traditional coffee pods made from aluminium can take up to 500 years to degrade, our capsules can be added to your food or garden waste collection or composted in your own grounds, breaking down into simple raw materials in a matter of weeks. Additionally, they are produced using energy generated from wind, sun, hydropower and biogas so they don't contribute to climate change either.  

The coffee varieties are either organically grown to avoid unnecessary harmful chemicals or are certified to UTZ standards (a certification program for sustainable farming of coffee, tea, cocoa and hazelnuts). The UTZ programme is part of the Rainforest Alliance, an international non-profit organization working to create a better future for people and nature.